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Facial Stone Roller

Facial Stone Roller

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Instant Oil Absorption

Enhances Skin Appearance

Invigorating Facial Massage

Convenience and Portability

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Product Description

Crafted from authentic volcanic stone, our face roller is a groundbreaking tool that instantly soaks up excess oil for a shine-free complexion. Dual-purpose by design, it not only manages oil but also provides a tranquil facial massage, making it a superior alternative to the traditional jade roller.

Key Features

  • Natural Volcanic Stone: Known for its absorbent properties, it's ideal for oil control without disrupting makeup.
  • Massaging Action: Glides over the skin smoothly, offering a refreshing massage that feels like a mini facial treatment.
  • Simple and Gentle: Use it on the T-zone or wherever skin appears shiny to promote facial blood circulation while maintaining a fresh skin feel.
  • Compact and Discreet: With its sleek, small design, it promises a clean complexion anytime, anywhere.


  • Mattified Skin: The roller leaves your skin with a natural matte finish, perfect before applying or setting makeup.
  • Stress Relief: Turn a regular skincare routine into a relaxing ritual that also helps alleviate stress-related skin issues.

How to use?

  1. Roll Out: Gently move the roller across your face, focusing on oily or acne-prone areas to absorb oil and massage the skin.
  2. Maintain: Use on clean skin or over makeup; it doesn't disrupt your look.
  3. Stay Fresh: Perfect for touch-ups, ensuring you remain oil-free and fresh all day long.
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Enhanced Circulation and Glow

The gentle rolling action of the Facial Stone Roller helps increase blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, resulting in a visible enhancement of your skin's natural glow.

Optimal Oil Absorption

The rolling action of the Facial Stone Roller enhances the absorption of facial oils, driving nutrients deeper into your skin for maximum benefit.

Soothing Massage for Relaxation

The cool, smooth stone offers a calming massage, reducing facial tension and contributing to overall relaxation and stress relief.

Achieve a clear, matte complexion with the travel-friendly Stone Face Roller for soothing facial massages at home or on the go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 234 reviews
Myrtie Stamm

Ok, I must say that it really works, at first it left some white spots on my skin but they can be erased, it works, it qualifies
It remains red after use but can be washed :) I recommend

Avery Kuphal

If it works, the first application leaves a kind of dust but dsps no longer leaves anything

Irwin Johns

If it works, the first application leaves a kind of dust but dsps no longer leaves anything

Saul Trantow

Looks as is the image, if you remove the brightness as you mention only that the ball is not rotating, it absorbs the grease very quickly, the times you pass it, the effect is good, only if it stains, but it fulfills its function

Domenico Lakin

tal cual